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Helping You Get Unstuck from Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

Either you decide the life you want to live, or life decides for you.

In my 25 years as a cognitive behavioral therapist, I’ve worked with hundreds of women who felt stuck, stifled, and smothered after living for years trying to live up to others’ expectations, not expressing who they are and wind up stuck in life trying to be someone they’re not. Their negative feelings, attitudes, and beliefs accumulate over time so there’s a constant voice justifying fear, anxiety, depression, despair, self-doubt, and uncertainty. I’m here to help you navigate the transitions of your life so you can get unstuck.

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Know Your Anxiety

Can You Relate to These Statements?

Most people feel anxious now and then. It’s a natural emotion along with fear, anger, sadness, and happiness. And anxiety is an essential function of survival. Learning how to regulate the negative feelings triggered helps control your anxiety. You can make better choices for dealing with your emotional pain. For a person with an anxiety disorder, the feelings get worse over time. Anxiety may interfere with daily activities such as job performance, schoolwork, and relationships. Anxiety is more than a word. Knowing what type of anxiety you have is the first step to managing it.

  • I find it hard to control my worries.
  • I almost always feel afraid when facing a certain object or situation.
  • I have intense fear or anxiety about social/performance situations.
  • I have an intense fear of enclosed places or standing in a crowd.
  • I worry excessively about job responsibilities, health, finances, etc.

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to determine the kind of anxiety you’re experiencing. Let’s get started on your journey to reclaim your thoughts and your life!